What is our Primary Aim?

The objects of the Trust are: “to advance education, including education in leadership skills, and to advance young people in life with a view to helping them become more responsible citizens”.

To achieve this we offer:

Financial Support

We fund projects from any organisation worldwide whose main purpose is the education of young people in line with the Trust’s objects. Priority will be given to projects supported by a National Scout Organisation and to work focussing on the systematic development of leadership skills.

We attach great importance to the progress reports which are required for each project we support showing its impact on the development of young people to take a constructive place in their society.

“The Think Tank”

We welcome your contribution of observations, ideas and topics for discussion to these web pages from organisations and individuals working with young people on issues affecting the empowerment of those young people to play a constructive role in their local, national and worldwide communities.  However the Trust reserves the right to decide on content to be included. Contributions to ericfranktrust@gmail.com.

The Eric Frank Research Forum

Dr Sarah Mills, Loughborough University, has been appointed as Research Officer to the Trust to develop this forum to extend the work of the Trust and encourage debate among researchers and practitioners about how best to help young people meet today’s challenges.

The Research Forum aims to create an online ‘hub’ for research related material on youth leadership, education, personal development and youth organisations, in particular Scouting. The site is organised into thematic sections and we welcome further contributions to ericfranktrust@gmail.com.

Walton Firs Activity Centre

The Trust works closely with The Walton Firs Activity Centre at Cobham in Surrey in the United Kingdom, an outdoor centre for adventure, activity and learning.

European Scout Foundation

The Trust supports the work of the European Scout Foundation to ‘make Scouting Grow’ through a small projects fund.

World Scout Foundation

The Trust works closely with the World Scout Foundation in Geneva which provides financial support for the growth and development of Scouting worldwide.

Further Guidance

For those unsure about our link to The Scout Movement you may find the document entitled ‘Scouts as Active Citizens’ helpful attached here as it explains our approach in arriving at a decision about applications.