The Eric Frank Trust History

The Trust was set up in 2010 and achieved fully registered charity status in 2011.

The inspiration for the Trust was Eric Frank. It was his idea and he was the principal donor to the trust.

Why we’re doing this

In support of the views of our founder Prof Eric Frank, the Trustees believe that in today’s society there is insufficient concentration on helping young people to develop their innate abilities to contribute constructively to the community and society in which they live.

We believe that every young person has the ability to develop those skills which empower them to develop as constructive members of their family, local community and in many cases beyond.

While there is a need for exceptional leaders, there is a worldwide need in communities of whatever size and at whatever stage of their development for all people to demonstrate values of caring for others which are shared by all religions and democratic organizations in pursuit of tolerance and peace.

As communication becomes global and the social pressures of life increase we maintain that these practical qualities of ‘leadership’ need to be encouraged early and young people need to be empowered to develop skills of self-evaluation and reflection to play a constructive role in those communities.