Youth Leadership

There are a range of definitions, understandings and models of youth leadership. Below are some recent news stories and links to examples of youth leadership schemes around the world, as well as academic research papers.

International Youth Foundation Youth:Work Programme

From 2008 onwards, the IYF have funded employment and entrepreneurship programmes across a range of developing countries, several of which draw on concepts of civic engagement and youth leadership skills.

Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA)

MYSA was founded in 1987 and is the largest youth sports organisation in Kenya which has peer leadership at the centre of it’s programme. MYSA combines sport with community outreach and development activities. A resource section with organisation reports, evaluations and articles can be found here

April 2012 – Study on youth leadership and Boy Scouts of America’s Eagle Scout scheme

Institute for Volunteering Research

The Institute for Volunteering Research have published a research briefing (2015) exploring the potential of leadership programmes in boosting the employability skills of young people. The research draws on findings from an evaluation of the Asda Active Sports Leaders Programme.

Academic Bibliography

Conner, J. (2007). Leadership development: an examination of individual and programmatice growth. Journal of Adolescent Research, 22(3): 275-297.

This study focuses on two girl’s experiences in one youth organisation over a 3 year period. it examines the link between leadership development and programmatic structures and supports.

Yip, J., Liu, J. and Naal, A. (2006). A question of leadership: Is there a difference between youth leaders and adult leaders, and if so, should leadership development for youths differ from that for adults? Leadership in Action, 26(3): 12-13.

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New Directions for Student Leadership (formerly New Directions for Youth and Development)

This scholarly journal presents a special issue on Youth Leadership (2006). Within this, the article below examines the connections between the topics of youth leadership and youth development:

Kress, C. A., (2006). Youth leadership and youth development: Connections and questions. New Directions for Youth Development, 109: 45-56