The Eric Frank Trust Grants

How do we apply for a grant?


Applications for project funding must demonstrate above all else how the proposal will contribute to the objects of the Trust and how the impact of the work will be measured.

Applications in writing, using the headings given in the application form, should give the legal status of the organisation submitting the proposal and contain a full statement of:

a)  the intended target group: age, characteristics, identified needs
b)  the intended learning and other outcomes
c)  detailed plans and a timetable for implementation
d)  methods to be used
e)  a list of the human and financial resources required
f)  measurable outcomes, give details
g) monitoring and evaluation procedures
h) other relevant information to enable the trustees to assess the application’s merits and feasibility.

The Trust will not normally support:

  • projects which are already being implemented;
  • which have run out of funds, administration or capital items.

Proposals are more likely to succeed if they have an element of matched funding from the proposing organisation or another source.

Progress reports every six months are required for projects longer than 1 year, and a midpoint report for projects shorter than one year.  Reports must contain numbers of people involved, particularly those benefiting, with evidence of the impact of learning and other outcomes achieved within the agreed timetable.

A final report containing an overview of the whole of the work undertaken is required within three months of the end of the project and normally a proportion of the grant will be retained until this report is received.

Funding will normally be released in stages conditional upon the receipt of a satisfactory progress report. Failure to submit a report will result in the termination of funding.  Failure to submit a final report will render any further application ineligible.

No application from a Scout organisation will be considered unless it has the written support of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement Central and/or the Regional office.

Other than in exceptional cases, no more than £30,000 will be made available to any one project. The Trust will also consider the provision of loans where a grant is not possible.

More details on the Submission of Projects can be downloaded.


Download the EFT Criteria and Grant Application Form.

A summary of your latest accounts must be included. Some assistance may be available to help you draft the application.

To reduce administration applications and correspondence must be made electronically and in English.

Submit your application to the Trustees of the Eric Frank Trust by email. You are encouraged to seek advice on your proposal at an early stage in its development by email to the same address.

Project submissions will be considered for funding by the Board of Trustees whose decision is final. Funding is limited and regrettably it is not expected to be able to support all projects considered worthwhile.

Consideration of applications will take several weeks, and even successful proposals may need to wait for funds to become available within the budget of the Trust. Therefore the Trust is not a suitable source of urgent financial assistance.

What have we done so far

Since its establishment in 2011 The Eric Frank Trust has made grants to over 20 organisations ranging from £5,000 to £35,000.

Organisations supported have included:

  • National Scout Organizations worldwide
  • The Outward Bound Trust
  • The World Scout Foundation
  • The Friends of Scouting Europe
  • The Tall Ships Youth Trust
  • FoodKIND

Major projects have included links between Arab/Europe youth groups, The Netherlands/Ghana, The World Scout Movement’s Educational Congress in Hong Kong and the World Scout Organization’s task group on 21st Century Leadership.