Useful Resources

We have collected some useful resources which we suggest you review whether you are applying for a grant or not.

Resources :


Title Author Date Notes
Basic Guidelines and Application Form Derek Pollard 10 Oct 2016 Open Here  Please download, print and complete.

Email completed applications to

The Submission of Projects Derek Pollard 10 Oct 2016  An explanation of the criteria for the submission of project to the Eric Frank Trust  Open Here
Strategy for Scouting –Leaders for Life  John Huskins 26 Sept 2011  An introduction to leadership development  Open here
How Scouting empowers young people (1)  John Huskins  26 Oct 2011  introduction to empowering young people
Open here
Leadership in Scouting Eric Frank    John Huskins 26 Oct 2011 Scout Leader’s leadership role in empowering young people through mentoring. Open here
 Scouting, the Patrol System and Leadership  John Huskins 26 Sept 2011 Progressive leadership development in young people. Open here
Scouting Personal & Leadership Development John Huskins 22 Oct 2012 How NSOs can deliver the ‘Seft-annual-report-2016-final-agm-v3-1cout Method’ (Patrol System). Open Here
Annual Report 2016 EFT Trustees 07 June 2017 Trustees Report and financial Statements
Year ending 31 December 2016. Open Here