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We have collected some useful resources which we suggest you review whether you are applying for a grant or not.

A little background on some of the many and diverse projects we have supported

Scouts of Macedonia – changing the communities through leadership!


In communities where young people are considered as significantly passive, Scouting with the support of the Eric Frank Trust is a rare key player that proves the opposite.  Given a chance and with the methods of Scouting young people can be leaders in their communities, shaping, changing and contributing to its development  Through the implemented project more than 100 young people have been empowered and now are actively taking implementing actions in their communities, demonstrating leadership and spreading the movement. The project activities consisted of Leadership workshops, Mentoring Leadership and Youth Inclusion.

Forest People of Rwanda Join Scouting


The Forest Peoples of Rwanda are close to extinction; their traditional culture and way of life differ dramatically from other people causing a history of conflict with them. They suffer malnutrition, destitution, inaccessible education, their traditional sources of food are nearly exhausted. It is through Scouting that they are being enabled to rebuild their families.

Tall Ships Youth Trust


The Tall Ships Youth Trust’s mission is to enable disadvantaged and disabled young people aged 12-25 years to fulfil their life potential through experiences at sea and, by breaking down the barriers they face. Disadvantaged young people often feel excluded and lack the self-esteem to reach their potential. After a week at sea with us, their self-worth and life chances have literally been transformed. The Eric Frank Trust’s support means another 20 young people will benefit this year.



The UNGUVU3 project empowered 28 young Scouts from 14 countries in Africa and Europe to integrate the Scout Leadership Model into the Scout Programme. At the international event Roverway, participants explored the concept of Leadership in Scouting and put in practice its principles with more than 500 of their peers at the event and in their own Country once home.

Research into Youth Leadership

The Eric Frank Trust co-funds a PhD student – Rosie Austin – based at the Department of Geography, Loughborough University. Her research explores experiences and understandings of youth leadership for both young people and adults. The PhD project focuses upon spaces of non-formal learning within the UK and draws upon the case-study of the UK Scout Association’s Young Leaders Scheme (YLS).

Rosie’s project sits within a wider context of a shifting social and economic landscape for young people to navigate. Certain attributes and skills – including ‘leadership’ – are currently framed as key for young people to secure in order to manage successful transitions to adulthood. Rosie seeks to critically engage with these ideas to better understand constructions of leadership discourses and how leadership is understood by young people. Indeed, in the academic literature to date, much of the focus on this topic is from an adult perspective. This PhD project hosts original fieldwork with young people engaged in YLS to understand their experiences of leadership development. To find out more about Rosie’s research and future outputs, visit

Written Resources :

Title Author Date Notes
Basic Guidelines and Application Form Derek Pollard 10 Oct 2016 Open here. Please download, print and complete.

Email completed applications to

The Submission of Projects Derek Pollard 10 Oct 2016 An explanation of the criteria for the submission of projects to the Eric Frank Trust. Open here.
Strategy for Scouting – Leaders for Life John Huskins 26 Sept 2011 An introduction to leadership development. Open here.
How Scouting empowers young people John Huskins 26 Oct 2011 Introduction to empowering young people. Open here.
Leadership in Scouting Eric Frank

John Huskins

26 Oct 2011 Scout Leader’s leadership role in empowering young people through mentoring. Open here.
Scouting, the Patrol System and Leadership John Huskins 26 Sept 2011 Progressive leadership development in young people. Open here.
Scouting Personal & Leadership Development John Huskins 22 Oct 2012 How NSOs can deliver the ‘Seft-annual-report-2016-final-agm-v3-1cout Method’ (Patrol System). Open here.
Annual Report 2016 EFT Trustees 07 June 2017 Trustees Report and Financial Statements for the year ending 31 December 2016. Open here.