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Guidance on grants during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Last updated: 10 May 2020

The Eric Frank Trust has huge sympathy with the organisations we are supporting in their attempts to continue to fulfil their objectives to the benefit of their members during the global Coronavirus pandemic. We want to help you to do that, but we also have a responsibility for the appropriate use of our funds.

Most activities supported by our grants will have been postponed or possibly cancelled completely as a result of the ‘shut down’ requirements of the pandemic. The conditions of our grants require you to keep the EFT informed of any change to your agreed programmes objectives and key dates. Please do that by email to ericfranktrust@gmail.com as soon as possible.

Until further notice the Trust will not consider the approval of new major grants. However the Trust is open to appeals for small grants for emergency funding resulting from the pandemic which we will process as fast as possible.

About The Eric Frank Trust

We are about helping young people develop themselves based on the educational principles and values that underlie The Scout Method – progressive self-education against values summarised within a ‘promise and law’ and achieved through ‘learning by doing’ within small groups particularly in an outdoor environment.

We do this by funding projects within organisations which help empower young people to develop the leadership and social skills necessary to contribute constructively to their society.

We also encourage debate and research on ways to help and educate young people to meet the challenges facing them in today’s society.